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Samsung A32 A325F U2 U3 IMEI Repair Tested Free 1000%

Samsung A32 A325F IMEI Repair Tested Free
Samsung A32 ROOT 
Samsung A32 BOOT
A325F ROOT U2 Android 11 A325FXXU2AUJ4

About 20-30 seconds after the phone has started, check the imei status.

You can check the status of imei by using: *#0011#

The patchcert can be removed by repeating the process.

After installing new firmware, the patchcert process must be repeated.

Successfully finished.

Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!

Model: SM-A325F

Carrier ID: BKD

Sales Code: SER

Country Code: Russia

Timezone: Asia/Dhaka

Android Version: 11 [RP1A.200720.012] [SDK 30]

Build Date: Tue Nov 16 10:58:51 KST 2021

PDA Version: A325FXXU2AUK3 [november 2021, rev3]

Phone Version: A325FXXU2AUK3 [november 2021, rev3]

CSC Version: A325FOXM2AUK3 [november 2021, rev3]

Product Code: SER


Board Platform: MT6768

Modem Platform: MT6765

Serial Number: RF8R30E4TEL

Imei: 3555xxxxxxxxx

Connections: AT,MTP

Network Type: GSM


Multisim Config: DSDS

Knox Version: v30

Warranty Bit: 1

Security Patch: 2021-11-01

Em Did: 20C14C1B27247811


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